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Click for details on why the Nosferatu remake from the director of The Witch is off the table for now.

Wicked Horror got an update from director Robert Eggers on his planned remake of the classic horror film Nosferatu.

Fruity Frankensteins for Halloween.

Yup, Halloween is here and boy, is it fun to whip up snacks and drinks in honor of Oct. But just because sugary treats and cheap candy are the…

Joe Dante talks about his new film Burying the Ex.

Explore the best Joe Dante quotes here at OpenQuotes. Quotations, aphorisms and citations by Joe Dante

Celebrity DeathMatch to Make Triumphant Return - Wicked Horror : Wicked Horror

Marilyn Manson It's better to have claymations than real brutal scenes, so let's take it with humor.

Click for my review of The Roommates and A Woman for All Men.

The latest Gorgon Double Bill Blu-ray release includes The Roommates and A Woman for All Men.

Michael Ironside talks Turbo Kid!

Actor Michael Ironside gives us the lowdown on his involvement with the grindhouse-fueled throwback Turbo Kid.