Furio Cosenza

Furio Cosenza

Non chinerò mai la testa davanti alla corte e ai giudici di questo mondo gestito da uomini di uomini, Resto in piedi a scontare la pena peggiore a testa alta!
Furio Cosenza
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Steve Mccurry

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Look at that face! ;)

Crushed Chocolate Milk Carton Face - It's Alive!: This milk carton appears to look like a head from easter island. I'm not sure if I would purchase this carton

You know that face...

If that's your face when your mom makes your favorite food, you need to re-evaluate your life. That's the face of a psychopath.

I am dying

It's hysterically disturbing when people swap faces with each other, or better yet, a pet. You won't get these face swaps out of your brain.