Color Theory

Use the colour wheel as the basis for a single colourfull illuration that could be tessellated across the wrapping paper? color theory chart - beautifully simply way to learn this (plus the fact that I suck at combining colors LOL!

perspective tutorial

I will teach perspective. I will teach perspective. I will teach perspective. Tutorial by ~DerSketchie on deviantART

I want my markers right now!

"Black And White Pointillism Style Illustrations by Radomir Mudrinic, via Behance" - Pisces Tattoo Idea

easiest nose ever tutorial via

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Imagine Art!: How to draw 3D shapes

Art shapes- free to use for personal and non-commercial purposes by children's book illustrator Shawna J. note: intro grade study of shapes- into (line drawings, not shading), taught in conjunction with drawing bubbles with oil pastels.

human proportion

Correct Human Figure Proportions & What is Meant by Out of Proportion. Generic forms as people vary person to person proportionally.

basic art handouts

art unit -- LINE -- Students are introduced to the line work of Van Gogh, Durer Rembrandt and various other line techniques. Students create their own line drawing that shows shape, texture and tone.

Worksheets: 3D Shapes

3D Shapes

This shape recognition worksheet is jam-packed with activities. Can your kid trace, color, and identify these three-dimensional shapes?