furniture farm

furniture farm

Lövånger, Sweden / We design and produce furnitures for your home.
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Tv-bänk Dominator

New Tv-Stand for hanging on the wall. We call the color for Amazon blue.

Our first sideboard, we are quite pleased with the result.

The crazy legs is what inspired to the name of the tv-stand: Spider.

Our first furniture with sliding doors. You can choose whatever colour you like on door in the middle.

Pagod is a new TV-stand that we love the color on.

This Tv-stand is inspired by a turbine and therefore the name of it is Turbo.

Turbines look really dangerous and powerful. A new TV-stand with "turbo boost" will be built.

Another tv-stand with a really good looking pattern.

A new furniture, a tv-stand that has the pattern reminding of mosaic from the orient.