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Inspiration: Blob Art, Dot Art, Acrylic Art Videos from Jenny Furst. Visit blobart.com for supplies used, recipes and shop for art.
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Single layer blob painting commission
I cheated and drew lines for perfect alignment. Several hours of prep and 30 minutes of laying down the blobs.
The first and second layer on this blob painting.
Shades of Blue Blob Painting
20” 26-Color Blob Painting
Huge Commissioned Blob Painting
Here are some fun facts on this blob painting. 36”x48” wood canvas, sanded, gesso and 4 coats of white paint. 23 colors of paint; 38 tubes of paint purchased, plus 8 I had on hand, still have a little left. Used almost 2 - 128oz bottles of Mod Podge and a 1/2 bottle of varnish. 400 ounces of blob paint made, still have a little left. 4 weeks on my studio table, letting the layers dry a few days between each layer. 6 hours spent on admin/contract, ordering supplies x2, and mixing up the blob pain
All white mandala painting with a red berry background.
Practice piece turned into a fun eclectic painting.
Shades of blue mandala painting on a wood canvas
Muted purple hues mandala painting in a different design
More fun with dots and neon colors.
Trippy fluorescent painting mandala design with spiral center
Using fluorescent acrylic paint and mod podge mixed together.
Blue hues mandala flower painting using Mod Podge.
10 Shades of Green Mandala Painting
16 inch wood canvas with a dark turquoise background made with orange and blue. I used 10 shades of green blob paint using acrylic paint and mod podge.
Patience required for this dot painting cleanup
Over 3000 people on TikTok had something to say about this video. Good reading material. Since this video went viral, I’ve ordered pointy Q-tips. Also note that the video is sped up and a good 20 minutes put into 49 seconds. I was being careful but I have shaky hands and that didnt help the process.
As if you had a viewfinder and only captured part of the flower - dot painting
Spring time dot painting using mod podge and acrylic paint using every paint that has yellow in it
Raked Dots Acrylic Painting - Messing Around
Acrylic Pour Painting - 3 Pinks, 3 Blues, 2 Purples on White Using Paint & Floetrol
Cleaning up blob paint after it’s almost dry. Had to be careful to not mess up the other wet dots.
Dot painting over Acrylic Pour with Matte Finish
Opposites attract, black and white blob painting.
Blobs and dots on a wood puzzle piece - Acrylic paint and mod podge
Patterned Dot Painting in Red Hues - Mod podge and acrylic paint
Red Meets Pink Blob Painting - Dot Painting
For Baby Abbie - Name Art - Letter Art - Dot Painting #dotart #nameart #letterart
Large Mega Dot Painting - 36” Canvas in Blue Hues
MDF board triangle made to look like wood and painted in blue hues - Dot painting
Recessed canvas dot painting - Blob art painting in pinks, purples, yellows and greens.
24” Round custom dot painting in rainbow colors.
Alphabet letter S in black lines and dots using acrylic paint and mod podge.