The ins and outs of salt dough + recipe..

Christmas Customs - Christmas Bread Dough Craft

Polymer clay

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supposed to be the best....This is the BEST BEST BEST play dough recipe you will ever find. The recipe on this link is for a small batch - here is the classroom size batch, and we use a bit of baby oil in it as well to add a really smooth and soft texture. Parents rotate and bring us new play dough every week. The recipe: 4 cups water, 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons cooking oil, 4 teaspoons cream of tartar, food coloring. Combine ingredients. Cook, stirring constantly, until mos...

Perfect stocking stuffer! | How Does She

No-flour playdough recipe. Results are silky smooth dough!

Messy Kids: No Flour Playdough

Homemade playdough

Baby Joey's Uncle Posted his Post-Op Picture on Reddit

Salt dough

Filth Wizardry: Salt dough ornaments

salt dough

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Salt dough scotties ornaments

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made with salt dough

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Salt DOugh ornament in a shell

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Salt dough fairy door

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Quotes in polymer clay... great idea

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Salt Dough Figures› Error

Halloween crafts: salt dough ghosts, very cute!

How to Make Salt Dough Ghosts

Salt Dough Recipes, Ornaments & Crafts

Salt Dough Recipes, Ornaments & Crafts :

Salt dough hen!

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Hmmm...what else could I make this out of? Salt dough, here I come!

Judy's Cakes: Christmas Tree Tutorial #2

Sparkle Snow Dough - oooh glitter!

Sparkle Snow Dough. - Bird and Little Bird

Salt dough ornaments #stampin up stamp / -

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stocking with "primitive" star

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Cinnamon salt dough

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How gorgeous?

black and white salt dough hearts


Salt dough ornaments

Cornflour dough shapes - beautiful and already white! Like the blue gem in the snowflake

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