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Turn Up The Rad Blog: I heart art: Jonas Gerard

My latest art crush is courtesy of Jonas Gerard . The North Carolina-based artist is self-taught (there's hope for us amateur painters yet) .

Tecnica Para Pintar Lobo Más

Week of These pictures of the different animals are all very unique and different. I love how the lines twirl and wisp on the paper. Those lines help the animal come to life on the page. Drawings by Katy Lipscomb

illustrations-by-norman-duenas-351131-475-792_large.jpg (475×792)

Applied art commercial art print illustration by Norman Duenas titled "A Butterfly Effect." I really love the artists combination of nature with the human figure/skull and the depiction of a clock. It gives a great sense of the passage of time.

So pretty. <3

While the images used in this tattoo have been seen countless times on various individuals and on the walls of various tattoo shops, the way this tattoo has been executed makes it a beautiful rendition of the skull, rose, and clock motif.