My all time favorite Mayhem Guy commercial. "I'm an emotionally compromised teenage girl"

"Friends" TV show--I'd add a 2 or 3 in front of that 5 though...

"Friends" TV show, i have the whole series on Dvd, i watch it when I'm home sick or have a day off. It always makes me laugh.

Practical Magic- Midnight margaritas :)

Favorite scene :) Andie & My Sister Movie. She's Nichole Kidman.

"Starting Over Again" is Episode 1, of Season 1 of "Good Witch" from the Hallmark Channel. Series debut is 7 p.m. (CST) Saturday, Feb. 28.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

The Good Witch~Catherine Bell  My husband's favorite movie. I kid you not.

The Good Witch with Catherine Bell. Such a good movie and I love Cassandra and how they portray Witchcraft. It is a Hallmark movie so it's kind of chessy but is a feel good movie most definitely!