Ahmad Fauzi

Ahmad Fauzi

aq tu hobby bangeet dengan hal-hal yang baru.....and suka bangeeeet dengan fisika
Ahmad Fauzi
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This clean energy technology is proven, efficient, reliable, predictable and inexpensive. So why are we not building them all of the planet?  - Wells Generator Wave Energy Converter

Voith wave generator based on the Wells turbine, which generates power regardless of which direction the wind blows Scottish island of Isla

Someone give both these men a couple dozen Oscars. This hurts... A lot.

[GIFSET] All Hell Breaks Loose Part II the look on Bobbys face when Dean said that Sam is is brother is one of the reason this kills me. Bobby just looks so broken.

BURNT movie poster w/ Bradley Cooper

John Wells’ Burnt has had a few sizzle trailers released of late and, finally, we have the official trailer. Synopsis: Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) had it all – and lost it. A two-star Mi…