Tone Your Gut With An Stability Ball (Exercise Ball) #core belly buster, core climber, ball-cycle, waist definer, rad roll-up, side sculptor

Tone Your Gut With An Stability Ball (Exercise Ball)

How to use my yoga ball at home! Tone Your Gut. Yoga ball workouts are soo intense they really do work your core!

Church of trees in Belgium // Me encanta para la entrada a mi boda :3

Tree Tunnel, Belgium >> what a great place to walk!Belgium is beautiful.

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Raven - A raven's tail feathers have a round shape, like these. A crow's are squared off.

We love how this tree's intricate branching structure casts a silhouette against the illuminated sky.

At first I thought this was a shot of the moon with a tree in front. Upon looking closer I believe it might be a tree silhouetted by the sun and blood red clouds of a fire?


South Sound Critter Care rescues of crows every year. Some of them are characters with very distinctive personalities.

Serenity: lying on your back on sun-warmed grass, staring into a lush green canopy, listening to the rustling of the leaves…

Looking up and seeing this would be like a dream .

these are so pretty white trees! ive never seen a white tree in real life, i want to though.


"Did you know that a group of crows is called a murder? A murder of crows. I've always found that interesting.


Raven Study - Common Raven, orginal wildlife mixed media drawing on masonite is sold. Framed limited edition giclée wildlife print on canvas is available by Canadian wildlife artist Michael Pape.