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I don't know what this is but I want to watch it go.

Steampunk Style Box Coffee Table Trunk - would love to see more pictures & details of Craftsman etc .

Decorative Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Laser Cut Wood Accent Lamp

The Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley Playhouse Mini Lightbox Accent Lamp design is ideal for someone looking for a smaller accent lamp.

Delineator Paper Dolls

PAPER DOLLS Celebrate Birthday of Butterick Pattern ¤¥¤ First Butterick Pattern Cut in Sterling, Massachusetts, 1863 ¤¥¤ from Delineator Magazine January 1913

Das Germanische Nationalmuseum, Bavaria - paper theater   - paper, wood,  lithography

Paper, wood, and lithography.

The most spectacular vintage paper dolls. We want them all

Artist in LA LA Land Illustration & Design: Weekly Articulated Paper Doll: Circus & Fantasy Animals by Cart Before the Horse Etsy Shop

a g r a p h i a: Paper Theater

Around the Augsburg copperplate engraver and publisher Martin Engelbrecht created miniature theater[s]. [They] consist of scenery-like sheets, which create a perspective image if arranged one behind the other.

paper theater

Paper Theater THe minute I saw this I said "Lynne Perrella" and sure enough it is. She has given her personal touch to the idea of 'vintage paper theatre' and it's lovely.

Sleeping Beauty light-up Paper Theatre by Rebecca Sims

Sleeping Beauty light-up Paper Theatre by Rebecca Sims. I'd love to use paper theatre for its malleability