Bucket List

I have a large bucket list and here is where I put the crazy things I'd like to accomplish.

Bucket List

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camping. that's some heaven.

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I believe this is heaven.

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Peace. Exactly why I want to live on a lake.

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Coastal outdoor living. One day.

My Paradissi: Weekend inspiration


for my new england home.

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The Color Run - Oct. 6, 2012 - Des Moines, Iowa. Making it our first race ever!

Summer races worth running | The Rapidian

  • Muileh Skincare
    Muileh Skincare

    I LOVE THIS! !!!

  • Linda DeBernardi
    Linda DeBernardi

    I have to ask...is this good for your lungs?????

  • Abbey Naumowicz
    Abbey Naumowicz

    i did this run!! it was so fun :)

  • Marcie Davis
    Marcie Davis

    This was the BEST race ever!!! You will LOVE it!!!

  • Melody Decker
    Melody Decker

    I want to do this!

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doing it.

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  • Maggie Cooper
    Maggie Cooper

    dont do it! its cold

  • Iva Madden
    Iva Madden

    It's an awesome experience!

my favorite.

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Dream: eat pasta in Italy.

Best Food and Wine Cities : Food And Drink : Travel Channel

  • Annah van Dunk
    Annah van Dunk

    I love your Pinterest 'Bucket List' board!

  • Jill Ferguson
    Jill Ferguson

    just got back in Sept. It was glorious!

Who wouldn't want to be friends with an NHL player?

Your Bucket List.

  • hannah ogle
    hannah ogle

    I know Mike Ribeiro and the head coach for the Dallas Stars, Glen Gulutzan, nicest people ever. So kind.

  • Katelyn Henderson
    Katelyn Henderson

    Done :D

CAN I JUST SAY, that this was the very first thing on the 'sports' section of The Bucket List tumblr? Amen!

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To the west.

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Can't wait for us to own a house so we can pick out our first real Christmas tree.

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  • Kathleen Szoke
    Kathleen Szoke

    Done this 34 times and counting - never gets old. And now there are kids and grandkids to come along.

  • Judi Okeefe
    Judi Okeefe

    It was one of the "Best" times in my life

  • Nancy Underwood
    Nancy Underwood

    There are some awesome lots in the NC mountains! Sit around a fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Take the kids and picture each tree in your house, priceless! NC is perfect for Christmas tree shopping!

  • Peri Paulton
    Peri Paulton

    Do not wait to do things that make you happy for we know not what tomorrow brings!

  • Judi Okeefe
    Judi Okeefe

    Peri - You don't know how true your statement is - -

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Never went on a spring break trip in college. Determined to do it in my 20s.

Your Bucket List.


For my lake house.

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learn to sail

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Central Park in the fall - can't wait to visit NYC again someday. Hopefully in the fall!

From Paris to London

  • Phyllis Blinn
    Phyllis Blinn

    Was there during a snow near Christmas. So pretty and loved Rockefeller Center in the snow.

  • Debbie Fisher
    Debbie Fisher

    would love to go someday

life dream to travel

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  • Dora Saucedo
    Dora Saucedo

    That's going to happen within the next 15 years or sooner!

Take Kevin to Europe.

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  • Barbara Roycroft
    Barbara Roycroft


  • Sharon Klenner
    Sharon Klenner

    A perfect afternoon

  • Rose Baxter
    Rose Baxter

    As my nana would say: "Muy lindo"

  • Dora Saucedo
    Dora Saucedo

    That would be a very awesome house warming gift idea!

Happiest place on earth....take my kids to Disney (frequently)

Disney Christmas Decorations | Holly Madison


Own a house on a lake (repeat)

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  • Sara Reilig
    Sara Reilig

    Throw her!! lol

Teach Kevin how to ski in Colorado (pt 2)

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  • Amanda Faust
    Amanda Faust

    That's where I learned! Breckenridge, so beautiful.

  • Julie Stephenson
    Julie Stephenson

    Me too!

I know a 5K isn't hard or an accomplishment, but I've never done an official race.

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  • Teresa Smith
    Teresa Smith

    A 5k is absolutely an accomplishment! Be proud!!

  • Phyllis Blinn
    Phyllis Blinn

    A walk around the block is an accomplishment for many. And probably most of your friends wouldn't try a 5K. Sign up for one, have a great time, and tell us all about it.

  • Tara Zimmerman
    Tara Zimmerman

    Wow!! I'd say that any marathon, no matter the length, is certainly a huge achievement to be admired and proud of!!! Congratulations!! I'm currently gearing up for my first 5k in December -- unbelievably nervous and excited :)

  • Jennie Wewer
    Jennie Wewer

    Just did my first 5k last weekend to raise money for the Lupus foundation! It's a great feeling of accomplishment!

  • Amber Schmidt-Hayes
    Amber Schmidt-Hayes

    Yeah a five k is an accomolushment! My fat butt needs to try and do one.

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live on a lake

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Own a boat and jetski.

me & my bentley