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Celebrate your Christmas (and DIY) spirit with these hex nut snowflakes. Pick up the hardware at a local Home Depot or shop here to get all the nuts you'll need to make this cool Christmas ornament.

Fresh Ideas for Classic Christmas Decorating

Add Unexpected Sparkle Outdoors Metal-mesh spheres hung by fine wire from the trees create a magical effect in the Blair House courtyard. Large stainless-steel orbs rest on the ground like pieces of contemporary sculpture, carrying the ornament motif from the tabletops, fountain, and urns to the ground.


Vinegar is a fantastic household product that is inexpensive and can be used to clean and deodorize. It's all-natural and pretty much  all-purpose. We love that it can be used to clean almost everything....

Don't make your snowflakes with 4 sides like you did in 3rd grade! How to make six-sided paper snowflakes. These are beautiful!

Homemade Linen Spray

This easy homemade lavender linen spray will make your sheets and pillow cases smell clean and fresh.

Tampon angel DIY OMG! Wha-What!! 1. Dip into water until tampon expands. 2. Remove and tie at the top to create the angel's head. 3. Let hang (by handy dandy string) for several days until dry. 4. Paint face with peach or skin tone color, and draw small black dots for eyes. 5. Add blush or pink paint