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Gabby Nguyen

Designer by day. Screen printer by night.
Gabby Nguyen
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Could this be the best street food truck ever?

This week a survey revealed that lovers of cheese on toast have better sex and are generally better people. Coincidentally, it was also the week that we discovered The Cheese Truck.

Foxon Park truck concept by Collin Cummings.

This was a mockup idea for a beverage food truck. Since Foxon Park is an east coast brand, it seemed appropriate for the food truck scene.

Falasophy Falafel Food Truck Brand Identity Food Truck Wrap Design Orange County, California

Sexy and fun falafel, fries, and hummus have arrived in Orange County, California. Falasophy is a gourmet falafel and hummus bar that comes in the shape of a food truck and provides a fresh interpretation…