Lots of Cleaning Secrets- this is probably the most useful list of cleaning tricks

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Masking Tape as Scuff Preventor. Keep baseboards free of skid marks when you vacuum. Cover the edges of the vacuum head with masking tape so they won't leave dark smudges when you inevitably bump into the walls. There will be no more black marks

Use a 2 liter bottle to make a drip catch for drink spouts

I've got to do this one! This is the thing I dislike most about these drink dispensers . the dripping of the drink all over the floor below. Drip catcher cut from a plastic bottle.

So much better than giving away tupperware with treats

Before you toss your next plastic milk jug into the recycling bin, you just might want to turn it into a sandwich/lunch box. No need for a lunch box? Could be a cute gift box. {Need: milk jug, marker, scissors, thumbtack and an adhesive-backed Velcro}

What a good idea!

DIY Travel Packs Using Straws : fill cut up pieces of straw with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets. Seal ends with a lighter and crimp. great for traveling or camping!

Rub dryer sheets along edges of scissors to sharpen, cleaning curling iron w/ toothpaste, etc. Great article for home cleaning tricks!

Great article for home cleaning tricks! Using dryer sheets, coffee filters, marshmallows, toothpaste and clear nail polish.

save foil and plastic wrap boxes to make baked goods boxes for gifts

Holiday Food Gifts: Recipes & Wrapping Ideas Featuring Recyclables

Cover foil or plastic wrap boxes in pretty paper or fabric for gifting muffins or cupcakes. I'm going to start saving foil and plastic wrap boxes!

So much better than putting them under the sink!!

Hang a shoe organizer on the inside of a closet or pantry door to store cleaning supplies - such a great idea for my hall closet!

LOVE this idea!! :)

I made one of these by converting an old dresser. Just took the drawers out and adjusted the notches. DIY: remove the drawers from an old dresser and adjust the notches for a new, adorable laundry hamper 😍

Yet another use for for CD racks... This time it's wire CD racks turned tuperware lid storage. Wonderful idea.

Organize Tupperware with CD racks Use wire CD racks to organise your tupperware lids. You need to find a use for those wire CD racks now that no one buys CDs anymore. Re-purpose them to hold your Tupperware lids. ~ possible idea for tuperware lids.

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