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Gabby Tinker

Hello! Obviously I'm Gabby, I'm twenty two years old. I'm not on much, but you're all more than welcome to check out all my boards. :D
Gabby Tinker
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I nearly cried because this is so perfect and Ross gave my my inspiration of the day :)

Look I love the game grumps but- god this is cringy<<I think this is supposed to be ironic. But we never know

Pokémon Growing Up

Funny pictures about Pokémon Growing Up. Oh, and cool pics about Pokémon Growing Up. Also, Pokémon Growing Up photos.

Pokemon Shaming (pet shaming):

Pokemon Shaming (pet shaming) _ I'm not sure if this counts as anime but I dont have a better board for it

Pokemon shaming:

Pokèmon shaming-I love in Groudons one that Rayquazza is sitting in the back looking like a frustrated mother xD