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Harry Potter *8) /*

Harry Potter *8) /*

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Harry Potter House Scarf Bracelet. These should be easy to make, why have I never thought of this?

james and lily

They totally did that and if you try to tell me otherwise I will avada kedavra you.

I actually love Bella as a character. And I can't help but think that since the Black's were so focused on blood & family that she'd feel something like remorse after she killed Sirius. :\

Mobile Uploads - Whovians and Potterheads together. | Facebook

Harry trying to strangle Hermione while she giggles and Ron looks on: | 23 Images That Will Change The Way You Look At "Harry Potter"

23 Images That Will Change The Way You Look At "Harry Potter"

Rose and Scorpius

the marauders - sirius black part 1

Free Harry Potter Fonts

Harry Potter Font - Harry Potter Font Generator

Love J.K. Rowling

It HAD to be somewhere!!!!!!!

the marauders - sirius black and remus lupin

JK Rowling's 800-word Harry Potter Prequel!!

Harry Potter Prequel

."The Ron Weasley Blanket" by Jackie Wierzbicki of Penguineer's Purls. Pattern

Penguineer's Purls: The Ron Weasley Blanket

This hit me real hard. Right in the feels.


The End. :'(

Harry Potter Photo: The Cast [Epilogue Scene]

They were much more than just pranksters. Yes, they loved the jokes and the laughs, and sometimes at other peoples' expense, but they were never cruel, and they never wanted to hurt people just to see them hurt

This is beautiful. I really love this.

Voldemort is the villain we hope never to face. Umbridge is the villain we face everyday

harry potter tumblr----too damn funny <<< I'm a Harry Potter fan but it's not my only fandom. The demigod in me does not like to see dam spelt that way.

26 Funniest Things Tumblr Has Ever Said About Harry Potter

Remus Lupin

THIS. People keep going on about Albus Severus and how Harry should have named his son after Lupin but HE ALREADY HAD A SON NAMED AFTER HIM. Teddy Remus Lupin was a part of the family.

Pinning for the comment (though I could do without the 500 hashtags) because I adore Remus Lupin