A girl called Annie. A boy called Jin. A creepy old mansion on the cliff and a ghost child. A junior novel published by Penguin Books Australia.
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a yellow sea horse is sitting on the top of a green plant with long, thin leaves
Leafy Sea Dragon main page, Phycodurus eques
Leafy Sea Dragon
an odd looking object in the sand with shells and seaweed on it's sides
Helioceras heteromorph ammonite
an abandoned building with stairs and railings
Jouw dagelijkse bron voor inspiratie! -
Abandoned Mansion
a ferris wheel sitting on top of a wooden floor
Abandoned amusement park
an old abandoned house sitting in the middle of a field with tall trees around it
spooky mansions
a painting of a house on the beach with seagulls flying around
The Sea-Breeze Hotel
The Sea-Breeze Hotel, Charming mixed media illustrations by Patricia Mullins