Cuteness overloaded: Baby Otters

Cuteness overloaded! Baby Otters too otterable !!

I got your back! #doxie #puppies #dogs

Oh my gosh! Look at that tiny baby on her back!========I got your back! Dachshund and baby. - looks like my old dogs Sweetpea and a baby Flash :)

Baby sloth at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. These guys are adorable!

baby sloth at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. There is a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica? I MUST go there!

Faith in humanity restored!!!!

The amazing journey of the amputee-duck who got a prosthetic foot. He be happy!

so true :)

So true! But I need " A home without fur babies is just a house".

This is way too true.

Artist: Ginger Oliphant Title: Home Is Where My Dog Is Product type: Framed print

Keep Calm & Love Rabbits #keepcalmandloverabbits  @Emmie Darland I loovvee this!! Thanks for sharing!

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