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a drawing of a cat with big eyes
Antologia di Gabriella Ceccherini su Flickr... (
Gabriella Ceccherini - Painter from Italy | Italy, Art, Fictional Characters, Disney, Filo, Anthology, Donald, Donald Duck, Character
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
Gabriella Ceccherini - Painter from Italy |
an abstract painting with red, white and blue colors on it's face is shown
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
two paintings are shown side by side, one is colored and the other is black and white
Gabriella Ceccherini, opere pittoriche [Arte contemporanea]
A Gabriella Ceccherini video. Italian painter -
an abstract painting with orange and blue colors on the bottom half of it, surrounded by circles
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
an abstract painting with black, white and yellow colors
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
four square paintings with cats and birds on them
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
► | At this point one could add many more considerations, many foot-notes, but everything written or said would not explain any clearer a work of Art, that always at every glance, at every further reflection, continues to show how its source of life is intimately bound to the vibrations of every being and like a distant re-setting it seperates the idea from its doing, inevitably real. (Victor Arellano Rey)
three different pictures with faces and lines on them
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
a painting with red and blue colors on it
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
three different colored paintings on white paper
a drawing of a person riding a horse on a white and pink background with black lines
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
...One can say that Gabriella Ceccherini is a good pupil of Jackson Pollock. But there is more to it by the fact that her painting is permeated with a substance very similar to that used by the American painter: life...
an abstract painting of two people standing next to each other, one holding the other's head
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice
...In an effort to summarize the most important points of her carrer, one must take in consideration how the same has developed in an uneven, rather helicoidal way...
two people standing next to each other in front of a red and yellow painting on paper
Gabriella Ceccherini, pittrice | The pictorial course accomplished by Gabriella Ceccherini during several decades of research, is documented by this catalogue realized on occasion of the artist's most recent Anthology.