Sharing a little about how my motto 'make time to make things' has helped me stay connected to myself through the years and a little more about how I was invited to write my new book, DIY Woven Art, with Interweave over on fantastic podcast!

I'm not raising princesses I'm raising smart strong and independent girls. Here's to all women past present and future.

Had far too many crappy plastic toys thrown at me for one day. Anyone got any suggestions on how to stop an unruly toddler from throwing shit all the time? And can anyone else bring me some pizza and wine?

Alpha Female _ Independent Women _ Confident Women _ Stay focused and extra sparkly.

19 Small Awards Anyone With Anxiety Deserves To Receive

19 Small Awards Anyone With Anxiety Deserves To Receive. So true.

"Little But Fierce" Punk Feminist Banner Pin in Pink

"Little But Fierce" Feminist Banner Pin in Pink ~ I don't see why it has to be feminist and not just a cute ref to Shakespeare and feeling like a fierce little she.

Inspirational Quote: Printable Art "If You Stumble Make it Part of the Dance" Wall Print Wall Art Gallery Wall Art Dorm Decor Dorm Art Dorm Print Inspirational