Cute boys.. EXO

Exo ♥ kai d.o sehun baekhyun chanyeol suho lay xiumin luhan kris chen tao

Yeppudaa ohh giyowii  sarangheyo ☺

“ 170526 jeff__benjamin : Had an awesome talking with EXO backstage before their majorly impressive Exo'rdium Tour concert in New York. I first interviewed EXO in summer 2013 when they were still very new on the scene and visibly nervous.

I was lookin at how squishy baek was but i realised my tae was der too

I was lookin at how squishy baek was but i realized my oppa is fucking sexy as hell


EXO - 160921 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’ - Credit: 란초.

D.O é muito lindo ♡♡♡♡

D.O é muito lindo ♡♡♡♡

Xiumin EXO When I saw this I just melted and screamed and then said "WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH" so loudly <<< So you're like me, eh? We can be friends and fangirl together

14265094_584047718463651_8605635721205457757_n.png (500×700)

14265094_584047718463651_8605635721205457757_n.png (500×700)