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Gabriele Terumi

Gabriele Terumi
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Misa & Tsumire Sung in Harajuku, courtesy of I <3 Misa's skirt soooooo much!

Misa and Tsumire on the street in w/ GIZA dinosaur, DimepieceLA, crop tops shoes. These girls are from Taiwan, but Tsumire lives in is a stylist Bunka College student. Check out their full snaps here!

Grimoire Tokyo - Dolly Kei & Vintage Fashion

Grimoire Tokyo Anniversary Party with Vintage, Antique, and Dolly Kei Fashion

anotherstateofmind67: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bob Beerman,1950

Maybe you see a belly. I see Marilyn Monroe. Even this tiny amount seems shocking based on today’s bullshit standards of beauty. Feel your beautiful body. I love letting my hands pet every perfect curve.