Gabriel Arruda

Gabriel Arruda

Gabriel Arruda
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Vault of Glass Map

HEY can someone pls add me on to do this with me, I need people to join me for this and haven't been able to do VoG yet bc I can't find anyone my PSN is @

Destiny's Titan striker

Destiny's Titan striker

Destiny Minimalist Poster by Felix Tindall

Been a bit inactive this week due to a design job I got offered. I have tons of Ideas for posters, just gotta start producing them! Destiny is a game I'm relatively interested in.

ray^ban sunglasses ??? loved by all guys frd.. wanna see what i got and how's…

Yup we are definitely screwed. Do we have a titan?

Destiny Player Wins Trials of Osiris Solo, Without Dying

Instead of doing something like defeating the King's Fall solo, Ramblinnn decided to try the Trails of Osiris and competing against an enemy team of three.


Evolution of Goku

Garrett Maurer Morlan

The antique star chart from Destiny - is amazing itself as art!

Year 2. New sub classes

Destiny: The Taken King Supers Poster, Joseph Biwald on ArtStation at…

Destiny: Map of the Heavens by Doaly

Destiny Map of the Heavens by doaly in Sci-Fi & Space

Destiny - Trials of Osiris

Destiny - Trials of Osiris