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Gabriel Villasmil

Gabriel Villasmil
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via cotonblanc Untitled (expiring for love is beautiful but stupid), packaged latex condoms with printed text, 1983-85, Jenny Holzer

via cotonblanc Untitled (expiring for love is beautiful but stupid), packaged latex condoms with printed text, Jenny Holzer

Nyc, Covers

matthewnewton:  Manufactured postapocalyptic photography is the new ruin porn. Image from Lucie & Simon’s Silent World.

Wall street, C-print, 2009 // Lucie & Simon create these vacuumed-up cityscapes by using a neutral density filter that allows for extra-long exposures, which removes moving objects like people and cars.

avant-garde fashion, unicorn, futuristic style, strange, future fashion, art fashion, mask by

Don't like this pin of a possible man pretending he wants to be a unicorn!nothing of a person, place, or thing that needs to be on my unicorn board.but I guess you can't like every pin and agree w-it?