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Firewatch Concept Art - Olly Moss

Campo Santo - a lovely image from one of our favourite Illustrators Olly Moss

Silmarillion - Ungoliant and Melkor by helgecbalzer on DeviantArt

Ungoliant and Melkor . compared to my illustration of Fingolfin and Morgoth I have given Melkor a design which fits better to a sneaking-mission . Silmarillion - Ungoliant and Melkor

ArtStation - Gorgon Concepts, Stephen Oakley

Before she was known as Gorgon she was known as Whip-Spider YEEEEEAAAAAH! These are the first pass concepts and the final pass resulting in the beast today :) Evolve is © Games

Nerscylla, the Shadow Spider by Halycon450

Nerscylla/Nerusukyura - Monster Hunter Fanart Nerscylla, the Shadow Spider