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Lily, James and baby Harry. This is so adorable I want to cry. The photo from Deathly Hallows

Needless to say, Pete’s are white with pale blue pinstripes. Remus’s are a red tartan. Sirius’s are a Gryffindor crimson. And James’s are a pair with little stags running all over them that he stole from Remus. I just - I mean - the Marauders in their jim-jams.

needless to say, pete’s are white with pale blue pinstripes. remus's are a red tartan. sirius' are a gryffindor crimson. And james's are a pair with little stags running all over them that he stole from remus.

Remus Lupin

Do you hear that? That's the sound of my heart shattering because of Remus Lupin.<---"he became inexperienced from not being in the field, which was what ultimately led to his death" ---

Remus Lupin and jumpers

Remus Lupin and jumpers<<< I wonder if the people who write these make it their mission to bring me to tears.

I love this so much. I love headcanons that bring more diversity to the Harry Potter world.

Harry Potter - Remus Lupin < <<< WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MY HEART???

Harry Potter - Remus Lupin - Oh the feels Remus is in my top 10 favorite HP characters.

remus lupin - the marauders I cried a little at the end...

remus lupin - the marauders ~There is never going to be a Remus headcanon that doesn't make me cry for the rest of the day, is there?

Remus Lupin and Harry

This is really sad but it's hilarious imagining Remus and James solemnly and seriously singing a lullaby to baby Harry because "it had to be two people!

Remus Lupin

So many people view Remus as just a werewolf. Too often do we forget that he was a true wizard.

Sirius Black and McGonagall

I believe they had an amazing relationship.more than teacher and student more like a mentor