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The Best German Recipes and Food

This is the board for original German food and recipes. If you love German food you can request to be a pinner for ONLY original and authentic German recipes. Find more than 500 authentic German recipes on - also join FB | Please if you pin don't pin more than 3 recipes from one site. Also choose photos that are of good quality.

The Best German Recipes and Food

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Swabian Potato Dumplings are a regional food specialty from the South of Germany. The dumplings dishes that contain gravy such as Goulash or beef rolls.

  • Anne Granger
    Anne Granger

    Love your recipes. As a transplanted German I am always on the lookout for recipes to remind me of home. I would love to become a "Pinner" to your board.

A favorite! German Hamburger Frikadelle or Bulette. A popular German beef dish that is great warm or cold. A Southern German specialty served with potato salad.

Austrian Krapfen are Berliner in Germany. This Austrian-German pastry is a pastry filled with jam, baked in a deep fryer. Very popular for Fasnacht or Carnival.

Cucumber Stew is a delicious German main dish with ham or without. Ideal for a meatless dinner, just don't use ham. Original German recipe.

potato salad with celery! Original german recipe.

The vegetarian Kohlrabi Stew with cheese is a great German vegetarian dish. Kohlrabi is a popular vegetable in Germany especially during the winter months.

German carnival recipe - Mutzen. Even when Fasnacht is over, I would make it!

German ash Wednesday salad with matjes herring fillet. Original German recipe!

Authentic German Brussels Sprout Soup - Brussels Sprouts is a great winter seasonal vegetable and makes a very tasty soup. This is a Original German recipe.

So cute! I may have pinned this already, but hey, that's okay - it's just so cute.

How to make a Murbeteig - the base cake for many German cakes and cookies.

what do the German make for Carnival? Mutzen. Find the original recipe from the nuns of the Rhineland.

The vegetarian Kohlrabi Stew with cheese is a great German vegetarian dish. Kohlrabi is a popular vegetable in Germany especially during the winter months. Original German recipe.

  • Jim Potter
    Jim Potter

    Very. Nice

German Waldorf Salad - awesome German variation of the famous Waldorf Salad, not so sweet and tasteful. Original German recipe.

Oxtail Soup recipe - The oxtail soup is a classic German soup. You can enjoy it as a broth or thicken it with flour. Original German recipe.

The leek soup with ground beef is a wonderful combination for this German soup. It is a typical winter soup as leek is available.

The Sauerkraut Kitchen Cooking Book: Authentic German Christmas & Holiday Cookies by Gabriele utz

NEW! The Sauerkraut Kitchen: Authentic German Soup Recipes by Gabriele Utz,

Grog is a German alcoholic drink that us very common in the North of Germany as it used to be a seaman's drink. Serve it hot.

Sweet Plum Casserole - german dessert- irresistible!

German potato carrot soup is a soup that is so easy to make. The main ingredients are carrots and potatoes. You will love this German soup.

  • Tanja Gardner
    Tanja Gardner

    I have those dishes!

Das Rezept für Kekstörtchen mit Vanillequark und Himbeeren und weitere kostenlose Rezepte auf

Cherry Jam with Asbach - original German recipe!


Kirsch- Mascarpone- Torte - Rezept

  • Angie Adams
    Angie Adams

    Looks so good! I just have to ignore the calories for one time!

  • Susi Wright
    Susi Wright