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The Best German Recipes and Food

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Today we show you how to make the German Hamburger Frikadelle or Bulette. It's a popular German beef dish that is great warm or cold, enjoy w potato salad. #germanrecipes #authenticgerman

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the Bavarian Dumplings or Semmelknoedel recipe is proven and authentic. They are…

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The filled pumpkin recipe is a German dish and popular in fall when pumpkins are ripe. It is filled with ground beef and topped with a dill cream. #germanrecipes

Filled Pumpkin - Authentic German Recipe • German Recipes

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Easy Strawberry Wine

Add a little kick to your strawberry season! This homemade strawberry wine recipe comes together in minutes and is ready to enjoy in just a few months.

Easy Strawberry Wine Recipe - Perfect for Beginners

Try this Vegetable Meatballs Stew and you will feel like being in Germany! Authentic German recipe. It's a "Eintopf", a stew, as we make it in Germany. #authenticgerman #germanrecipes

Vegetable Meatballs Stew the German Way • German Recipes

Bavarian Bread dumplings are a real specialty. You eat dumplings always with a meat dish and gravy, like Rinderbraten (Roast beef), Goulasch or Rouladen. #bavarianrecipes #authenticgerman

Bavarian Bread Dumplings • German Recipes

The Paprika Chicken Recipe is an authentic German recipe. It contains different paprika spices and the best ones are Hungarian. #authenticgerman

Paprika Chicken - Authentic German Chicken Recipe • German Recipes

The alternative to the Wiener Schnitzel: Old Bavarian Schnitzel - as they make it in Bavaria. Authentic German recipe from Bavaria.

Food of Bavaria: Old Bavarian Schnitzel • German Recipes

Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad as they make it Bavaria for Oktoberfest and other festivities. You need Sauerkraut and some vegetables, that's…

Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad • German Recipes

The German Flaedle soup is a special Swabian soup that you get in every Gasthaus down in the South. Basically you use pancake left overs to make this soup. #authenticgerman

German Flaedle Soup • German Recipes

German mashed potatoes are a classic side dish for all meat dishes with gravy such as Goulash, beef Rouladen, and are a great combination with…

German Mashed Potatoes • Original German Recipes

Authentic German Sauerkraut is a traditional and very popular German dish, known all over the world. This is an original German recipe. Try it out!

Authentic German Sauerkraut • German Recipes

silesian pumpkin soup is a german recipe from Silesia, Schlesien! #authenticgerman #germanrecipes

Silesian Pumpkin Soup • German Recipes

The Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew is a classic Bavarian stew and you will love it! It is an authentic German Bavarian recipe using 3 different meats. #authenticgerman #germanrecipes

Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew • German Recipes

The recipe German Baked Apples is a wonderful recipe for fall, the holidays. It's a special German recipe and so different than the "normal"…

German Baked Apples • German Recipes

The german ground beef stew is a fast and easy recipe. You don't have to be a chef to cook it. It is a great dinner idea with rice or pasta. Original german

German Ground Beef Stew • German Recipes

If you like lamb and green beans then this recipe Lamb Green Beans Stew is for you. The recipe comes from the German region…

Lamb Green Beans Stew Brandenburg Style • German Recipes

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork is a common German dish that you can order in many German restaurants. It comes with a creamy sauce and mushrooms. #authenticgerman

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork • German Recipes

Easy to make Summer Pineapple Turkey Salad which is great for the BBQ or a choice to use the turkey left overs after Thanksgiving. Nice German recipe! #authenticgerman

Easy to make Summer Pineapple Turkey Salad • German Recipes

The Fish Recipe Sole Florentine is originally from Italy but is also popular in the German cuisine. It is cooked with spinach and served with…

German Fish Recipe Sole Florentine • German Recipes

Learn today how to make the Austrian food specialty Buchteln (dumpling). They are served in the Cafe Hawelka in Vienna. They are also called Ofennudeln.

Buchteln • German Recipes

delicious German cake: German Rhubarb Streusel Cake #authenticgerman #germanrecipes

German Rhubarb Streusel Cake • German Recipes

Learn today how to make the German Pickles No Canning and enjoy German pickles like you get in Germany. Authentic proven German recipe.

Page Not Found German Recipes

Are you looking for an authentic German dessert? You found the German Apple Flan Dessert and we are sure that you will love it! It's a proven German recipe.

German Apple Flan Dessert • German Recipes

Learn today how to make the German Pickles No Canning and enjoy German pickles like you get in Germany. Authentic proven German recipe.

German Pickles No Canning • German Recipes