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Horrific finds

Take a trip into the darkness, the mysterious, the strange, the unknown, the supernatural, and on occasion the beautiful wonders of this world
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Kyle Thompson is a young photographer from Chicago, Illinois. He specializes in fine art photography, creating his own surreal realities in still images.

the world in your hands

The abandoned Château de Carnelle designed for André Philippe Alfred Regnier, Duke of Massa, in 1875 by renowned architect Hippolyte Destailleur. Located on the edge of the forest Carnelle, in the Ile de France region of France. This land was given to the monks of Saint-Denis by Charles V. The Duke of Massa, childless, donated his estate to the city of Paris and it was converted into a sanatorium in 1930. The castle was finally closed in 1992.

Urbex: Château de Carnelle, Somewhere, France – May 2014

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Criaturas Fantásticas y Mitológicas (Prueba enviado desde Office 2013)

El Pombero o Pomberito es un personaje multifacético de la mitología guaraní. Pombero es un duende antropomorfo, un hombre, feo, más bien bajo, fornido, retacón, moreno, con manos y pies velludos, cuyas pisadas no se sienten, talvez un indio Guaikurú. Lo describen también andrajoso, cubierto con sombrero de paja y con una bolsa al hombro. Habita en el bosque o en casas o rozados abandonados, en taperas. Anda de noche, viajando por todas partes.

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Halcyon Hall, AKA Bennett College was built by Henry James Davison Jr. and his wife, Marie Weed Alden, as a hotel in 1893. The resort had a library, music room, art gallery, an athletic department, private and public baths and electric lights produced by its own generators. Within 10 years, the doors were closed.

Bennett College | The Millbrook Independent

Krzyżtopór is a castle located in the village of Ujazd in southern Poland The castle was partially destroyed during the Swedish invasion known as The Deluge in 1655, and then reduced to ruin during the war of the Bar Confederation by the Russians in 1770

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Gothic Bird Cuffs: EDM Designs Creates Eccentric Victorian & Steampunk Accessories

Gothic Bird Cuffs


[No.31/59] alice auaa 2014春夏コレクション

[No.31/59] alice auaa 2014春夏コレクション

Wall from a temple of Ramesses II. New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, Reign of Ramesses II, 1279-1213 B.C.

Wall from a temple of Ramesses II | Louvre Museum | Paris