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25 No-Fuss Elf on the Shelf Ideas

25 No-Fuss Elf on the Shelf Ideas - simple as that

Perfect Date

Sounds Perfect

Perfect Winter

Perfect Plan

Sounds Good To Me

Perfect Snow

Winter Fun

Sounds Delightful

Summer Snow

First we'll make snow angels...

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Sugar Socks

Happy Holidays Navidad

Holiday Santa



Random Things

Perky Plum

I'M Perky

Fire Hydrants

What would be your Elf name? Take first initial of your first name + month you were born.

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Shelf Eat

Shelf Fun

Elf On The Shelf

Shelf Ideas

Shelf Write

Xmas Elves

Holidays Christmas Elf

Christmas Angle

Christmas Cuties

Veggie Blox

Elf on the Shelf Ideas | POPSUGAR Moms

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Christmas Board

Christmas Projects

Christmas Treat

Chritmas Ideas

Holiday Ideas

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Stuff

Grill Master

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Making Snowflakes

Shelf Snowflakes

Cuts Snowflakes

Snowflake Mess

Homemade Snowflakes

Elf On The Shelf Snowflake

Read Post

Snow Flakes

Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Paper Snowflakes

Elf on the Shelf Ideas | POPSUGAR Moms

Elf Onthe Shelf Ideas

Elf On Shelf

Coloring Elf

Shelf Coloring

Coloring Books

Colouring In

Eots Ideas

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Decorating

Elf coloring

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Topper Elf

Tree Toppers

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Shelf Ideas Gett R

Karen S Elf

Elves Nice

Nice Ideas

Bob Ideas

Hanging With the Stars

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Shelf Going

Shelf Hiding

Shelf Kids

Dinosaur Wrangling

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Tissue Bed

Shelf Tissue

Tissue Boxes

Tissue Paper

Paper Boxes

Kleenex Bed

Box Bed

Sleepy Elf

Sleepy Time

Long Winter's Nap

Elf on the Shelf Ideas | POPSUGAR Moms

Popsugar Moms

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Christmas Decor

Christmas Stuff

Xmas Fun

Elf Spell

Christmasy Goodness

Sneaky Ideas

Jack'S Sneaky

Be Good!

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Christmas At Home

Christmas Thanksgiving

Christmas Board

Christmas Secrets


44 Elf

Allentown Elfontheshelf

Shelves Ideas

Elf On The Self Ideas For Kids

44 Elf on a shelf ideas

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Shelf Friends



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Playing Candyland

Shelf Friends

Toys Games

Elf Playing





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Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Things Christmas

Christmas Quotes

Christmas Party

Christmas Cards

Holiday Movie

Christmas Treats


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Pizzazzeriefrom Pizzazzerie

"Buddy the Elf" Holiday Brunch

Holiday Jazz

Elf Holiday

Themed Holiday

Holiday Bliss

Holiday Party

Holiday Ideas

Christmas Oxox

Brunch Christmas

Memorable Christmas

Buddy the Elf holiday party

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Printable Jokes

Free Printable Christmas Jokes

Mischievous Elf

Elf Stuff

Kid Stuff

Elfie Ideas

Elf Shenanigans

Elf Magic

Elf Antics

Elf on the Shelf Printable Joke Cards

Elf on the Shelf - Printable Joke Cards | Over The Big Moon

Favorite Movies

Favorite Things

Elf Favorite

Fav Movie

Favorite Pinz

Favorite Color

Iconic Movie

Favorite Flicks

Favorite Music

sleeping Elf

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Inner Child Funfrom Inner Child Fun

Let's Play Santa's Workshop

Christmas Dramatic Play Area

Dramatic Play Santas Workshop

Santas Workshop Ideas

Workshop Fun

Elves Workshop Role Play

Christmas Role Play Ideas

Christmas Elves

Preschool Christmas

Christmas Role Play Santas Workshop

Let's Play Santa's Workshop -- Activities for Little Elves!

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Elf S Storytm

The Elf

Elf On The Shelf

Shelf 25

Shelf Gift

Story Coloring

Coloring Books

Kids Christmas

Shelf Christmas

Elf on the Shelf Coloring Book with Activities and Stickers "An Elf's Story"

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Touches Elf

Child Touches

Shelf It'S

Shelf Nice


Shelf Interesting

Shelf Soo

Shelf Read

Shelf Awesome

What To Do When Someone Touches the Elf on the Shelf

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Making Snowmen

Building Snowmen

Making Elf

Shelf Making

Build Snowmen

Making Big

Building Marshmallow

Marshmallow Snowmen

Edible Markers

Elf on the shelf- building marshmallow snowmen.

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Idea Calendar

Calendar Creative

Calendar Data

Calendar Of Events

December Calendar

Calendar Kelly

Calendar Sounds

Calendar Scribd

December Pin

Elf on a Shelf ideas calendar

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Elf On The Shelf Report Card

Elf On The Shelf Nice List

Naughty Letters From Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf Arrive

Printable Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter

Elf On Shelf Letter

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Ideas

Shelf Fun

Progress Reports

Elf Progress Report

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Favorite Buddy

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Thing

Absolute Favorite

Favorite Color

Elf Quotes

Smile Quotes

Quotes Love

Quotes File

Buddy the Elf!

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