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ŌkamiandFenrix: Los hermanos se apoyan en todo, pero a veces no pueden saber que se apoyan, yo no hago estos dibujos, arte si me preguntan pero quisiera ponerlos porque tienen un gran significado para nosotros los que quisiéramos haber nacido en Gravity Falls. ----------------------------------------- ŌkamiandFenrix: The brothers are supported at all, but sometimes may not know they are supported, I do not do these drawings, art if you ask me but I would like them because they have great mea...


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Tangled artwork~ #tangled source:


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Tangled is my favorite Disney love story. There are others that come close, but none that can top it, in my eyes. If ever someone chooses me, I want that someone to love me like Eugene loves Rapunzel. And I want someone I can love like Rapunzel loves Eugene.


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Frozen / Tangled Crossover - When Queen Elsa sets off an eternal winter in Arendelle, Princess Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert are trapped there, while Princess Anna goes to look for her sister.

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