leaning big mirrors to avoid holes in rental walls. Get that security deposit back! Ceres Ribeiro's apartment is nothing short of glam—her sweet New Jersey home is filled with white but balanced ...:

The focal points are the couch, painting above the couch and the coffee table. The lamp and chair are also positive space. The negative space is the walkways around the table. I think it is a good balance but there could be more open space.

December was a time to start thinking about eclecticism. To start toying with the idea of doing a few styles at once. To begin to get inspired by interiors that clearly don’t do just-your-usual. Our evidence for these thoughts comes from … Readmore

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What’s hot this spring season? Lizzi Hines of Room by Room shares her findings. Spring has sprung! It’s the time of year for change and renewal, longer da...

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