Best line in a Disney Movie... Ever

"Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them". -The Aristocats. seriously one of the best lines from a disney move! MAD LOVE FOR MARIE!

swing, swing.

Give me a push please!

Cutest ever baby Bulldog puppy in a swing, that face is just priceless

Bucket list

will defo do number one! and if my mom says ok to number 9 fr my dad.ill do tht. number 7 agak comel~ sbb insyaAllh by 2016 i will.

That's hilarious

God save the Queen...

I'm convinced Queen Elizabeth II is immortal. Long live the queen!

Story of my life

School of Rock - Jack Black gets me

Big mistake :)

Kid hanging off the bunk bed. I have made a huge mistake.

19 Best Funny and Silly Quotes I Could Find on Pinterest Humore

My life is like a romantic comedy, except there’s no romance and it’s just me laughing at my own jokes.

All the time

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gps kitten

who needs a bobble head hula girl? you've got a cut kitten! (GPS kitten says turn right meow)

Pot Belly Pigs

Bowl of pigs! Potbellied Mini Pet Pigs Resource and Adoption Center.

The many faces of Johny Depp

Funny pictures about Johnny Depp and his many faces. Oh, and cool pics about Johnny Depp and his many faces. Also, Johnny Depp and his many faces photos.

I thought we were friends

A funny picture of a traumatised cat who is watching his friends head get eaten by a dog. The look on his face is hilarious!


Funny pictures about Aristocat at his finest. Oh, and cool pics about Aristocat at his finest. Also, Aristocat at his finest.


This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.


Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (actor)