Women generally respect their outfit and the way they look. Shoes are no exception, they are important part of their lives. When speaking of fashion shoes, this goes hand in hand with what the lady

If you do not seem to like the birkenstock sandals design, but love to go in them. You must try their line "tatami". It is the same sole, but just a different design. I must at least have me such a pair for the summer!

Embellished heels- love to pick up cheap shoes and embellish them myself.... use parts from old jewelry or even different fabric swatches sewn on... is one of my favorite glues for any craft project however for fabric tacky glue rules!!!!

Mary jane shoes that we cherish for years (almost since our childhood) are back in fashion. This year the classic shoes return and bring with them a renewed air as they are redefined not only in color but in design… Continue Reading →