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Chocolate 3D Printer – Choc Creator V1

A team of engineers from the university of Exeter have turned printing into a tasty affair with molten chocolate flowing from the print head.

Bug-A-Salt, Eliminate Pesky Flies with this Pump-Action Beast

If you have a fly problem, this is the gun for you. It uses air and a pinch of salt to neutralize any nasty little bugs, with an effective range of

Star Wars Keyboard Features LCD Touch-Screen Display | Gadget Wiki

Need a perfect way to enjoy your favorite MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic? Take a look at Razer's Star Wars computer keyboard with LCD touchpad, maybe it can

First Look at Sony’s New Action Camera | Gadget Wiki

There are a few companies that exclusively produce action sports cameras, we looked at GoPro’s offering a while back. Other top companies include Contour and Drift, both have excellent action ca.

Archos 97 Carbon Low-Cost Tablet Announced

The French company Archos have just announced a new entry-level tablet, named the 97 Carbon, it’s to be the first in a series of 'Elements' budget tablets from the company.

Case of Bass – Portable Retro Suitcase Party Machines

Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt are two brothers from Portland, they are on a mission to transform vintage suitcases and classic speakers into unique and stylish Boomboxes.