18 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Secondary Classroom by Blog Contributors Created for Learning, Created by Mr. Hughes,Julie Faulkner, Laura Randazzo, Students of History, The Teacher Team, and Tracee Orman

Underpainting: Why You Need to Do It - Jerrysartarama.com

How to select a great topic for your art project - a quick guide for high school Art students

Tempera Resist Portraits

watercolor twist added as a final bit. Ink & Tempera Resist Technique process | Art Student 101

Nice variation on what already I do Ink & Tempera Resist Technique process | Art Student 101

Signature stamp & more... have students make a signature stamp to use on all their clay projects.

Salt printing process

learn how to paint watercolor letters

mom paints the little girls scribbles

Self Portrait

Is it good?

Gesso & Texture Paste: different techniques = different effects

Artist Belinda Del Pesco tutorial videos on several printmaking techniques.

Positive Negative Space Study - RISD Pre-College on Behance

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High school art project, illustrated dictionary page, Art Teacher Creature

High School art, Teaching line, Zentangles

The whole semester planned out and presented for students to see in advance.

Today in Art » 8 Drawing Exercises That Every Artist Should Practice

How to Produce and Sell Prints of Your Artwork. Lots of good info!

cloud tutorial

oil pastel fruit close-up and crop. High school art lesson: composition, organic shapes, color, implied texture, etc.

suckers, still life drawing of lollipops, shows movement and color value scales

i remember this exercise from my high school art class-draw without taking the pen away from the paper.