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Letterhead Fonts / LHF Old Tom / Antique Fonts

Old Tom Font - Condensed vintage style originally inspired by a late & Condensed& sign painter& style. Complete set consists of 6 fonts, including block shadows and highlights.

WWII poster. I love history!

This poster is very famous. Almost anyone can recognize Uncle Sam. This poster portrays that no matter where you stand YOU should join the Army because you were chosen.

WWII - print vintage stuff from net & put in frames around reception

"Lets go - Wings for Victory" Campaign During the war a campaign was launched to encourage people to donate money to purchase new aircraft for the war effort. This is one of the advertising posters from

WWII: Are YOU doing all you can?

In Santa Claus was enlisted for a World War II propaganda poster, produced…

The Classic World War II Poster - "We Can Do It !" https://www.etsy.com/listing/85878143/world-war-ii-poster-we-can-do-it #women

Vintage prints - poster contrast with vogue cover - potential idea for final piece?

Soldiers Without Guns (WWII Poster) for kitchen and dining room

Rosie the riviter, WWII posters, soldiers without guns, women on the homefront