Love Is . Comic Strip Kim Casali (October Loved it when both Caleb and Cohen grabbed my hand at different times when going to the pirate ship park :) :)

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I'm going to Grandma's. That's a fine idea, little fellow. Just walking down the railroad tracks alone, at your age, not so much!

What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house :)

What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house :) Hahaha, Chad always tells! Nonnie's gave me five chocolate bars, mom!


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g r a n d m a ' s

So true for BOTH of my kids' grandmas! And I certainly remember it was the entry fee for my grandma.right Grandma A?

I am so blessed with my wonderful grand babies!!

I Love My Grandbabies Photos. Posters, Prints and Wallpapers I Love My Grandbabies

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"Blessed are those…"

Grandma and Grandpa eould LOVE this! may have to make this for a christmas gift :) I love this! I love being a grandmother and believe is truly a spiritual journey of love.


~~♥~~I thought my Mom was crazy till I got my First Phone call from my Grandson.He was about 6 months old ~~♥~~( I think he had me on speed dial))


My granddaughter, Hope, puts a smile on my face everyday, I get a lump in my throat thinking of the memories and my heart overflows with the warm feeling of my love for her.

I'm lucky to have the in-laws and mom that I do. They respect my rules and make sure not to spoil them to much and have a bed time and stuff and my children still adore them to pieces!! I hope to be the grandparent and inlaw like them one day!!

Grandparent rules, I need to make one of these for my mom and dads house. @ DIY Home Crafts by desiree


Our Grandchildren are priceless! She LoVeD her grandkids with her whole heart for sure.

Haha we should give this to Mom for the first grandchild

The best Moms get promoted to Grandmas vinyl wall art decals lettering words home decor sayings quote stickers

I miss my grandmothers.

Walking With Grandma. This reminds me of my walks with my Grandma Winnie, when I was younger. I love and miss you Grandma.

I love my grandkids so much!

In celebration of all of the wonderful people our babies call grandma and grandpa (nana and papa, grammy and grampy or some other term of endearment) here are 12 quotes about grandparents!

Each one of us has our own special bond with our grandchildren that nobody could ever take away.  ~ From my heart to their hearts ~

I LOVE my grandson. I had lots of fun with you the last 4 DAYS. love you nana


I don't spoil my grandkids. I'm just very accommodating. quote for portrait photography of grandparents