Idiom Picture & Definitions Sort (CCSS)

$4 Idioms, Metaphors, and other sayings

Figurative Language: Idioms, Metaphors, Proverbs, and Similes

use song lyrics to teach poetic devices and figurative language

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FREE Figurative Language worksheet

Poetry Terms / Figures of Speech Reference Sheet - FREE

Books for Onomatopoeia (BTW my favorite word!)

alittlehelpfortheteacher PR2

Banana split, cut and run, take a hike... Wonderful figurative language lesson!

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This item includes the board game and everything you need to create an instant figurative language center for your classroom....

Figurative Language Board Game

List of kid-friendly oxymorons. Perfect to help teach figurative language!

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Irony and figurative language :) Free ebook to download and print

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Super for teaching figurative language and tall tales!

Houghton Mifflin Reading: Grade 4, Theme 3: Heat Wave!

Tara Teaches: Writing Review Board

Tara Teaches: Writing Review Board

Lots and lots of #homophones $ #wordwalls

Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall

Animal idioms

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Great page for teaching similies :)

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Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Books That Teach

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Books That Teach

Onomatopoeia art! Love it!!!

artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art


ReadLearnTeachLife: Happy Veterans Day and Many More!


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A fun way for students to write and illustrate figurative and literal meanings of similes and metaphors... ($)

The Peanut Gallery

Figurative Language

Daisy Days for Learning: Search results for figurative language

A good book to teach personification!

The Little Red Pen

An entire pack of inspirational quotes that use metaphors. What a great way to have students explore figurative language in an authentic setting!

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Fun quotes that use idioms. Great for critical thinking and a good exploration of idioms.

Beyond the Garden GATE Shari Bithell

An entire pack of inspirational quotes, great way to inspire students to do their best work! Complete with daily worksheets and a quiz form.

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