Vintage lady fashion, woman in rosy gown and grey coat with flowers and fur, big hat with bow.

Le Follet, June 1861

In the Swan's Shadow: Le Follet, June 1861 Civil War Era Fashion Plate. Inspiration for the introductory outfits of Queen Marie and her three daughters

Fashion Plate - De Gracieuse, 1899

Fashion Plate - De Gracieuse, 1899 I need blue brocade and I will not be doing bow at neck but a standard Victorian collar

la mode illustrée, 1888 (by Saídos da Concha)

"Show Boat" inspiration - Act I - 1888

Mid 1870's

March fashion, 1875 France, L’Élégance Parisienne. If ppl back then added layers to get volume, big bottom girls should rock it out ;