When most people think of Moroccan food, it's couscous that immediately comes to mind. My thoughts, however, make a beeline for chermoula. This herb-spice combo, which North Africans often use to marinate and sauce fish—whether fried, grilled, baked or stewed—might loosely be thought of as a Moroccan-spiced salsa verde.

Magic-Carpet-Ride Chermoula

the New York Times described Chermoula as "the Most Delicious Sauce You've Never Tasted". This WSJ article said: Chermoula is a magical potion that brightens up almost anything savory.

Lovage Recipes for Summer -- It's as zesty as celery and as pungent as parsley. Where has this herb been all our lives?

Lovage Recipes for Summer

Summer Vichyssoise With Green Peas and Lovage, from the Wall Street Journal.

EASY AS PIE? That will sound like an oxymoron to those who have struggled with unruly dough only to throw up their floury hands in defeat. This was my story, too, until a number of years ago, when I devised the foolproof pie crust method I've used ever since.

Perfect Pie Crust

Fresh Raspberry Tart With Vanilla Crème Fraîche A currant glaze sweetens the fresh-raspberry filling. Make it with framboise liqueur for added depth of flavor

I DON’T UNDERSTAND why anyone would buy bottled salad dressing when it takes minutes to prepare vinaigrette in your own kitchen. And while this basic oil-vinegar emulsion is a classic match for green salads, its bright tang benefits everything from asparagus, haricots verts and grain salads to chicken, fish and seafood.

How to Make Vinaigrette

It’s important to have the right Dash Diet Salad dressings to go on those all important salads, here are two of my favorite Dash Diet Salad Dressings. Walnut Vinaigrette Walnuts have many hea…

IT WAS A JUNE afternoon in the late 1970s when I bit into my first soft-shell crab. On the porch of a Chesapeake Bay seafood shack, I was soon inhaling one crunch-coated crustacean after another. They were sweet, briny, complex and even more succulent than the hard-shell kind—plus, no need for crackers and bibs.

Stress-Free Soft-Shell Crab Recipes

IT WAS A JUNE afternoon in the late when I bit into my first soft-shell…

I ENCOUNTERED my first granita—Italy's slightly more granular take on sorbet—on a Roman holiday when I was 14. Having checked into our Via Veneto hotel, my family immediately set off in search of la dolce vita and some refreshment. By the time we'd parked ourselves at a sidewalk café, the sweltering August heat had reduced us to puddles.

Granita Recipes: Snow Cones Italian-Style

Aperol Granita 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice 1 cup freshly squeezed grape-fruit juice ½ cup Aperol ½ cup vanilla sugar or regular sugar ¼ cup water .

I'VE HAD A SWEET tooth since before I had teeth, but my addiction to dessert sauces in particular developed in a roundabout manner.

Ice Cream Sauces to Scream For

NOTHING DEFINES summer more acutely than cooking over open fire. Nonetheless, by this point in the season, the novelty of grilling has inevitably waned, and I hanker for something extra to enhance my flame-kissed proteins and vegetables. Heating up my kitchen is not an option. Anything too fussy would be utterly inconsistent with the spirit of cooking en plein air.

No-Cook Sauces for Summer Grilling

Recipes for Succotash Season - WSJ  This simple ragout is the perfect landing place for the late-summer windfall of corn and beans. Embellish with abandon, as in these two recipes: a creamy succotash made with hominy, and a surf-and-turf version made with oysters and bacon.

Recipes for Succotash Season

Oyster + bacon succotash—also starring corn, beans, scallions, tomatoes, herbs. No sufferin' here