~Tall Bearded Iris 'Birthday Girl) (Iris germanica)

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Tall Bearded Iris NIGERIAN RASPBERRY Beautiful. Where do you buy this one

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(Lowell Baumunk Tall bearded iris, M. A pink and white confection with exceptional form and substance. Heavily laced but has no difficulty opening. Nine buds. (Our catalo

~Brindled Beauty...Schreiner's Iris Gardens Don't have this one... yet

Brindled Beauty Iris falls (petals) are painted with swirls of peach and violet patterns, accented with golden beards that highlight against the standards. As a tall bearded iris, brindled beauty produces fragrant, long lasting blooms accompanied with sw

Witch's Wand | Tall Bearded

There is nothing else like this magical creation from Australia. Deep violet purple standards combine with the darker blackish purple falls to give a purplish black bitone effect.

Copper Classic...Schreiner's Iris Gardens

This copper-tan-orange shade, maybe better described as bright toasted melon, is considered one of the most original colors of Iris. These good-sized uniquely colored flowers have tangerine beards.

Drama Queen | Tall Bearded

This plicata, child of Tangled Web X Epicenter, has dark rich cyclamen-purple colored standards. The golden buff falls are dramatically overlaid with showy cyclamen-purple veining and banding.

Starring | Award Winners

Introduce a new star to your garden with the 'Starring' tall bearded iris, a stunning white and purplish black bloom accented with tangerine beards.

Owyhee Desert | Award Winners

Owyhee Desert's relatively small flowers have good ruffled and flared form and are blessed with an inviting fragrance. The quiet charm of this uniquely colored plicata has quickly garnered attention.