Fairy doors

Fairy Doors- put on tree trunks or pots Craft Stick Fairy Doors. This is such a simple, easy project to add magic to the garden. Make a bunch and place them on flower pots and tree trunks!

How to Make Fairy Houses | Make a Stone Fairy House

Easy DIY Stone Veneer for Fairy Garden Houses Great idea adhere pebbles to water bottle cut to size - DIY Fairy Gardens

How to make trees for faerie garden out go old Christmas garland pieces- Click for larger photo.

How to stand fake trees in your Fairy Garden…… Cover clothes pins with moss, or rocks, or sand, or whatever you’d like.

Fairy garden house and pond details

Fairy garden cute and simple house, twigs and pebbles. I like the butterfly charm on top. Seaglass makes an interesting water feature. (And the star cut in the door brings back memories!) It needs a tiny longhorn behind the house .

The Fairy Houses of Mossy Lane Handcrafted by bewilderandpine

The Fairy Houses of Mossy Lane - Handcrafted Cottage in Pastel Yellow w/ Moss Covered Shingled Roof, Blooming Flower Boxes and Wooden Door

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