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Spoiler! A new type has been revealed for Pokemon X and Y, Fairy types! And they're super effective against dragons. ;___;

All dragon types evacuate the area. I repeat, all dragon types evacuate the area. There is a fairy type sighting. I repeat there is a fairy type sighting.

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Minion! Dispicable me

If you really love minions and dispacble me movie then you are surely gonna love these extremely hilarious minions memes, make sure to share these with your friends and check out more humorous mini…

Bad hair day. -Dispicible Me 2  TARDISKITTY

I just realized I'm probably related to a minion.I feel your pain about bad hair days, dearest purple minion.

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Despicable Me. "What are you warming up for?" "Super cool stuff that you wouldn't understand." "Like sleeping?" "THEY ARE NOT PAJAMAS!