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national-geographic-milky-way-reference-map1.jpg (6000×3887)

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The ice fountains of Enceladus Fountains of water ice blast thousands of kilometres above the surface of Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus. It is thought that the pull of Saturn's powerful gravity distorts the moon and heats the interior, forming an underground ocean. When this reservoir of water contacts the vacuum of space it vaporises and explodes above the moon. Any liquid water freezes instantly. Images of the ice fountains were first captured by the Cassini probe.

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Moon Orrery Edited by Jan Felkl, Late 19th Century | From a unique collection of antique and modern scientific instruments at

Moon Orrery Edited by Jan Felkl, Late 19th Century |

RePURPOSE . . . Forks into Hedgehog...Porcupine?

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Jizo statue at Sanzen-in temple, Kyoto, Japan 三千院

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Cork robots kit by Reddish Studio

Corkers by Reddish Studio - Mr Printables Blog



Looks like one of the Disney dwarves, Sneezy? Sleepy? LOL

74 Funny Faces in Objects - Urlesque

I See Faces Here and There

I See Faces Here and There (45 pics)

Monodon monoceros (Linnaeus, 1758) En - Narwhal, Fr - Narval, Sp - Narval. 3Alpha Code: NAR Taxonomic Code: 4220601801

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1856 - Index testaceologicus, - shells - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Index testaceologicus, - Biodiversity Heritage Library

William Buelow Gould - Leafy sea dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) (c. 1832)

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Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture by Brian Marshall

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corrugated iron animal sculpture

Corrugated iron art animals, sheep, corrugated iron goat, pig, wild boar, corrugated iron rooster and chicken, copper and iron kiwi, tin dogs, Garden art.

Here - I got you something: Handicorn Finger Puppet Set

Handicorn Finger Puppet Set - Urban Outfitters

Dodo marionette by Idigbo Puppets, UK

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Photographer Norman Parkinson

Norman Parkinson. Career that spanned seven decades (part 1)

tree house

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An Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

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CyP200 - "Tengo la música de los caballitos metida en el sentido" Collage / Artist unknown

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A 100-Year-Old Church in Spain Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals by Okuda San Miguel via Colossal

Kaos-Temple-Skate-Church-Okuda-San-Miguel-1 - Design Milk

Model of futuristic automobile, circa 1935.

Untitled [Photograph of a cabinet]