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there is a sign that says voque festival on it
a man walking through a tunnel covered in bright colored plastic wraps and paper streamers
SelgasCano’s Serpentine Pavilion Accompanies Opening of Second Home Hollywood - Interior Design
an abstract pink room with several round objects
Premium Photo | Abstract pink background with geometric shape podium for product. minimal concept. 3d rendering
a pink sculpture in front of a building
Pandora - Experiential Marketing [Photo Inspo]
a pink bar with white chairs and umbrellas
a pink carousel with neon lights and shoes on display
Miu Miu
an empty room with pink carpet and large letters that spell out the word dg
Dior collaborates with artist Daniel Arsham for their men’s runway show
the inside of a pink room with neon lights and phone booths on the floor,
a room filled with lots of pink shoes
benoit florençon - architecture and design photographer based in Paris