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chalkboard lettering

If we do chalkboards, this could be handy to print and pass out.Chalkboard lettering DIY- how to create chalkboards with amazing typography and you don't have to have great handwriting

oversized map

So my Children will know geography better than me! older and wisor: Big Ol' Honkin' Ginormous Freakin' Huge Oversized DIY Map {for 20 bucks}

magnet scramble

A magnetic scrabble board! Hang this somewhere and have an ongoing scrabble game. We love to play scrabble. this would be an awesome thing to make. Put dictionary pages over the board and magnets on the scrabble pieces!

harry potter pillows

its a pillow its a potter its a pillow potter haha

glitter heels

DIY Glitter Heels via Beauty Peachiii. Seriously, check these out before you spend big bucks on sparkley, one-time use shoes! Hmmmm could make wizard of oz shoes.