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Automated Materials Handling

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Automated return conveyor runs through ceiling plenum
Conveyor runs across ceiling in children's area. Outside book return is on outside wall. Conveyor behind the protective cage carries items up to ceiling and across to next room.
Lyngsoe conveyor runs through ceiling of children's area and into workroom. San Diego (City) Library


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This is a close-up look at the unstacker working.  Delivery staff delivery a stack of totes to it (via handtruck) and the unit takes care of unstacking each one and loading it into a rack until it is time to sort.
This video shows the layout of a central sorting operation.  Note the loading dock for backing up delivery trucks.  Stacks of totes are taken to the unstacker (silver unit in the center) and then each tote is stored into the huge rack in the background until it is time to sort it.

Warehouse Logistics and Automated Storage and Retrieval

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$3500-$5000 Lift Stik. Available from https://www.southern-tool.com/store/Presto_Lift_Stik_Lifter_Transporter.php and PrestoLift in the US.  With capacities ranging from 185 lbs to over 400 lbs, there's almost nothing these sleek, attractive, user-friendly machines can't do. A continuous lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops. It also allows for precise load positioning with zero drift.
This is The Mule Mobile Stack and Work Positioner.  It can be configured in lots of different ways.  Note the nice big wheels for easy maneuverability and the arms that lift the totes (so you don' t have to slide anything under a stack.  More info here: http://www.cisco-eagle.com/catalog/c-1361-portable-stacker.aspx.  Start around $5,000
PV Supa Tote Lifter.  Designed to fit on the sorter and adjust height as items are dropped in

Tote Carriers

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Standard TechLogic bins and totes on TechLogic sorter - print and apply machine on top applies Hold slips
Drive-up book return at Richland Public (TechLogic)
TechLogic sorter at Chicago Public with a combination of bins (e.g. black standard bins in foreground), big moveable trolleys (blue CPL trolley), SmartBins (third position) and totes (not seen in this picture

Central Sorters for Interlibrary Delivery

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This is the PV Supa sorter at Aahrus Library.  The video shows their automatic induction process.  This station can be used by a human or a human can place the stack at the induction station while he or she goes around the sorter to replace empty totes and check on things.
This is another view of the unloader on the PV Supa sorter at Aarhus Library (Denmark). Using this unloader, they are able to sort 1.7 million items every year (about 50 sort destinations) with just 1-3 people working the sorter at any one time.  And the product is super simple without a bunch of moving parts.  Kind of an elegant low tech solution.
Stacking shelf that inducts items one-at-a-time onto the sorter so staff don't have to stand there and do it. Its an elegant simple solution without a lot of moving parts.

Unloaders/Staff Induction

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Product introduction Ergo Bin and Ergo Cart - YouTube
Lyngsoe Library Mater Mini Sorter with trolleys
mk Solutions - Stacking carts for sorting directly to bookcarts to use for shelving

Receptacles for Sorters

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Tech-Logic sorter at Santa Clara City Library (one of their earlier models)
Singulator «  FE Technologies. So far this product and TechLogic's Throw-n-Go solution are the only two products on the market that do the singulating of returned items so patrons don't have to return items one at a time.
A book falls into an awaiting bin during a demonstration of the automated material handling system given at the Robert Hoag Rawlings Rawlings Public Library by circulation manager Janina Goodwin. The system can handle approximately 750 pieces of media per hour using a radio-antenna system that communicates with the library's database.


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Google's experiment, BookBot.  Essentially a traveling book drop. Currently being test out in Mountain View, California.
Sorter inside door of library.  Self check-in sits on old service desk with sorter visible behind desk (but in front of work room area)
Cheap Thrills: Hoover Library’s Mechanical Book Return/Sorter | BirminghamMom.com

Patron Returns

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Library debuts $2.8M distribution center - Cincinnati Business Courier