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Mistletoe by NaBHaN via deviantART

Mistletoe bears fruit at the time of the Winter Solstice, the birth of the new year, and may have been used in solstitial rites in Druidic Britain as a symbol of immortality. In Celtic mythology and in druid rituals, it was considered a remedy for barrennessin animals and an antidote to poison although the fruits of many mistletoes are actually poisonous if ingested as they contain viscotoxins.

'Henri Paul Motte: Druids Cutting the Mistletoe on the Sixth Day of the Moon', ca. 1890-1900

My friend, Susan B. Knapp, designed this last year. I made it and love it.

Christmas Mistletoe Heart Wreath.

This History of Mistletoe, from the Ladies' Historical Tea Society

brit soldiers bringing in mistletoe, 1914

Druid arch-priestess with sickle and mistletoe.

Benjamin Moore Paint - Mistletoe

underneath the mistletoe