Meeshooz™ - Needle felted creatures

Meeshooz™ are hand-made, tightly needle-felted creatures made out of colored wool, each different and unique, with their own personality and temper. Now you can…
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an animal with blue and white feathers laying on the ground
-SOLD- Posable Baby Snow Leopard Dragon by Wood-Splitter-Lee on DeviantArt
a small green chamelon sitting on top of a wooden stick
The most beautiful chameleon ever! Her name is Madori.
four stuffed llamas are hanging upside down on a white surface, with one alpaca in the foreground
Miniature Hand Crafted Alpaca Figurines & Ornaments
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a green blanket
a white stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden table
Jet Wolf Needle Felt
a white llama with a yellow bow tie
Needle felting workshops — Fudge and Mabel
llamas and alpacas are shown in four different pictures
Difference between Llamas and Alpacas in Bears and Buds Teddy Bear Magazine
a group of alpacas standing in front of a birdhouse with their babies
Needle felting workshops — Fudge and Mabel
a small turtle with purple and blue feathers on it's head sitting on a white surface
Faux fur, polymer clay. 8 cm in length.- Designed and hand crafted by me Dmitry Lagun. I love my wo
a small brown and white animal standing on its hind legs